Use A Commercial Landscaper When Designing Your Subdivision

When you own a construction company that is creating a housing development, you want to make sure that you are showing off the properties and the model houses to their best advantage. You also want to make sure that any amenities like parks or public common spaces look good. Having everything look as good as possible will make it more likely that potential buyers are going to be interested in buying a property in your subdivision. Read More 

Five Lawn Mowing Mistakes To Avoid

Your mowing methods have a major effect on the health of your lawn. Knowing the mistakes to avoid when cutting the grass can lead to a lusher, greener landscape. 1. Cutting With a Dull Blade The blade inside the lawnmower does dull over time. When it does, it will no longer cut the grass cleanly and evenly. You may notice uneven clumps of grass or grass damage, such as browning and yellowing on the tips. Read More 

Recommendations For Protecting Your Property Pavement And Landscaping

As a homeowner, you are constantly looking after your home and property to make repairs and improvements where they are needed so you can keep your property's value maintained and increased. If you neglect your property's landscaping including vegetation and hardscaped surfaces, such as your driveway, you will be in for a rude awakening if you need to sell your home and find out its value has decreased. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your yard pavement to improve and maintain the look and condition of your property landscaping and to keep up your home's value. Read More 

Your Paver Patio: A Guide To Use And Care

Paver patios can be affordable, beautiful, and easy to modify according to your own preferences. Once your patio is in place, all there is left to do is use it and enjoy it! But there's a little more to that than you might think. Here are some tips for using your paver patio and also caring for it throughout the process. Keep the weeds away with weed killer. One of the most common issues with paver patios is that weeds tend to grow up between the pavers. Read More 

Weed Eradication For Your Commercial Property

Areas where guests frequent and the property that directly surrounds your hotel may be well-manicured, but what about the property that stretches far in the back or the grass that is adjacent to a creek or another natural feature that borders your land? If poison ivy and other pesky weeds are growing rampantly across some of your property, you are giving mixed messages to your guests concerning the level of care that is administered to your land. Read More