How To Maintain A Safe Lawn For Your Kids And Pets

Most parents send their kids and pets out into the backyard to play without ever considering the dangerous insects that could be hiding in the grass. Many parents and pet owners also worry about using pesticides because of the deadly chemicals they usually contain. Check out these tips for naturally getting rid of the insects that could be a danger to your kids and pets. Taking The Fire Out Of Fire Ants Read More 

Homeowners: Useful Landscaping Services To Take Advantage Of

If you own a home, keeping the yard maintained in the front is important because this is what people see when they pass by. In order to keep the front lawn looking great for years and years, you can get help from a landscaping company (such as Affordable Cuts). These companies offer many useful services: Interlocking Stone Paver Installation If you are looking to give your front lawn a dynamic look, you can have a landscaping company set up interlocking stone pavers. Read More 

Professional Lawn Care Services: More Than Just A Convenience

When it comes to yard work, many people struggle to choose between doing the job themselves of hiring a professional lawn care service to do the work for them. This is because many people view professional lawn care services as a luxury. However, the truth is, these services can offer many benefits that go beyond mere convenience. Below you will learn more about these benefits so that you can decide once and for all whether or not the use of professional lawn care services are right for you. Read More 

Commercial Decking: How to Clean Your Wood Deck with a Power Washer

If you have a wood deck around your commercial property, you might be wondering how to get it clean. While regular sweeping and rinsing it with a garden hose is good for short-term cleaning, you may end up with stains from oil and debris that needs something a little more powerful. This is where the pressure washer comes in. A pressure washer, also called a power washer, uses a high amount of pressure that helps get the wood clean. Read More 

How To Remove A Tree Stump With Herbicides

When you have a tree you need to get rid of because it is growing too close to a building or the roots are breaking into your sewer pipes, you need to make sure to kill the roots and get rid of the stump. While it is possible to grind the stump down or dig up the roots and then pull the stump out, the easier method is to use herbicides. Read More