Four Things You May Want To Consider For Replanting Trees After Storm Damage Removal

In many areas of the country, extreme weather can cause extensive damage to property. Sometimes, storms can cause trees to fall and need removal. If you have had valuable old trees around your home, you may want to replant new trees in their place. This is something that can take time and careful planning. There is also the option of planting well-established trees, growing from seeds or using saplings to replant your trees. Read More 

Landscaping Makeover: 4 Ways You Can Blend Water Features Into Your Outdoor Designs

If you have outdoor living space for your home with a garden area, you may want to incorporate water features. This can be something as simple as a fountain, or you may want to have a more natural look with a pond, stream and aquatic garden area. Blending the natural features in with the outdoor space can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish. Here are some ways you may want to consider to blend water features into your outdoor living space: Read More 

Why And When You Should Get Your Trees Trimmed

Tree trimming is a normal part of tree maintenance, but it's useful for many reasons other than simply keeping your trees looking nice. Properly trimming your trees on the right schedule can help stave off disease, improve fruit production and encourage growth, and make the area around them safer. Before you trim your trees, there are also certain things you need to consider, such as the type of tree you have and the best time of year to trim. Read More 

When Should You Remove A Tree From Your Property?

Though trees are a great addition to a property, there are times when a mature tree must be removed. The primary concern is usually safety, followed by aesthetics and impact on property value. An adult tree can cause serious damage if it falls onto your house. Keep in mind these tips when evaluating if you should have your tree removed. Look For the Obvious and Visible Signs of Tree Damage Read More