Landscaping To Sell: Tips For Homeowners

Improving your home's landscape design is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal. Landscaping is especially important when your home goes on the market. Proper landscaping can attract good buyers and may lead to bigger offers. The following tips will help you landscape your home in preparation for putting it up for sale. Grow Healthy Grass, and Remove Grass that's Unhealthy A healthy lawn makes your property look fertile and productive. Read More 

Landscaping For A Sensory Experience

Most homeowners landscape for simple beauty. There's nothing wrong with that. However, your yard can be an actual delight to the senses. You can choose to landscape for one or two senses, or you can integrate elements that appeal to all five. Transform your yard by appealing to more than sight – though you shouldn't forget that sense. Beautiful Tableau The most obvious sense that landscaping appeals to is sight. Create a beautiful tableau in your yard by blending hardscaping and plants. Read More 

Avoiding Common Mistakes With Water Management If You’re Responsible For A Large Landscaped Area

If you need to maintain a wide area of land outside for tenants or others, then you need to get efficient at managing water in order to make sure you don't overspend and waste this precious resource. Here are a few ways to make sure that your water management game is at a top level by avoiding common mistakes. Planting Inappropriate Plants If you live in a desert area and you plant vegetation that requires a large amount of water due to being tropical, then you're planting inappropriately. Read More 

Choosing Hydroseeding Over Sod

If you have a beautiful new home but a bare lawn, you have several options available for creating a lush green yard. Before deciding on any method, you should consider hydroseeding. It offers several advantages that can give you a superior lawn at an affordable price. Health Using hydroseeding can help ensure the health of your new lawn. Unlike sod, you can choose a blend of seed for your yard that works well with your particular soil or landscape. Read More 

Those Mushrooms Killing Your Tree May Save Your Life

Strangely, some tree-killing fungi are also beneficial to your health. While some mushrooms that kill trees may be medicinal, sick and dying trees are not beneficial to your landscape. Sick trees can fall and cause property damage, and the fungal infection can spread to other trees on your or your neighbor's property. What Tree Mushrooms Signify Mushrooms growing on or around your trees are a sure sign that your tree is weak or diseased. Read More