Five Lawn Mowing Mistakes To Avoid

Your mowing methods have a major effect on the health of your lawn. Knowing the mistakes to avoid when cutting the grass can lead to a lusher, greener landscape.

1. Cutting With a Dull Blade

The blade inside the lawnmower does dull over time. When it does, it will no longer cut the grass cleanly and evenly. You may notice uneven clumps of grass or grass damage, such as browning and yellowing on the tips. The blade should be sharpened every couple of months during the mowing season, and again before you resume mowing in spring.

2. Mowing too Low

Setting the lawnmower blade too low leads to a scalped lawn, which will quickly brownout and develop brown patches. Ideally, the blade should be set at a minimum height of 2.5 inches, although 3 to 4 inches is better during hot weather so that the grass can shade the roots. You can cut the grass a bit lower at the end of the mowing season if you don't want long grass to become matted over winter.

3. Traveling the Same Pattern

Don't always push the lawnmower in the same pattern over the lawn. Doing so will cause ruts to form where the wheels pass on the same path week after week. Heavy riding mowers will create ruts more quickly than push mowers, but both will eventually rut the ground and thin the grass in the mowing path. Instead, alter your path every week so that ruts don't form. You may go horizontally for one week and diagonally the next, for example.

4. Trimming too Often

It can be tempting to mow on the same day every week, whether the lawn needs to be cut or not. While this is convenient, it can stress the grass and lead to browning if it is cut too frequently. Instead, use grass height as your guide as to when to mow. Generally, you want the grass to be at least 1.5 inches longer than the desired height before you pull out the lawnmower and get to work.

5. Bagging the Grass

Bagging and disposing of the grass takes all those nutrients outs of the soil cycle, which means you have to fertilize more frequently and heavier to keep the lawn green. Switching to a mulching mower solves the problem. The grass clippings are cut very small by the mower before they are deposited back on the lawn. They quickly break down and add their nutrients back into the soil.

Avoid these mistakes and more by bringing in a professional lawn mowing service to handle your landscaping needs.