Your Paver Patio: A Guide To Use And Care

Paver patios can be affordable, beautiful, and easy to modify according to your own preferences. Once your patio is in place, all there is left to do is use it and enjoy it! But there's a little more to that than you might think. Here are some tips for using your paver patio and also caring for it throughout the process.

Keep the weeds away with weed killer.

One of the most common issues with paver patios is that weeds tend to grow up between the pavers. These may not even be big and invasive weeds — even grass can look unsightly. An easy way to keep the weeds away is to spray the areas between the pavers with an all-purpose weed killer. If you would rather not use harsh chemicals, which might be a concern if you have a grill on your patio, then you can instead pour boiling water over these areas. The water will basically "cook" the weeds' leaves so they can no longer harness the sun's energy and keep the plant alive.

Don't let things rest along the pavers' edges.

When you do set furniture, grills, or other items on the patio pavers, make sure you set them so they are resting on the center of the pavers. Do not let them rest on the outside edges of the pavers. If you put them too close to the edges, the weight of the items may push the edge of the paver further into the ground, causing it to become uneven. 

Avoid wheeling anything too heavy over the pavers. 

There's nothing wrong with wheeling a 30-pound grill or a small table across the pavers, but don't wheel anything heavier than that. (Don't, for example, wheel your lawn mower across the patio. Wheels can catch on the edge of a paver and chip it, and this becomes more likely as the weight of the items you're pushing increases. 

Power wash the pavers regularly.

Make sure you bring out the power washer and clean your pavers about once a year, if not more. This will remove any beginnings of algae or mold growth before it has the opportunity to get too serious or make the pavers slippery. 

Paver patios can be absolutely gorgeous, and they can stay that way for many years. If you follow the tips above, you will then get to make the most of your patio.