Weed Eradication For Your Commercial Property

Areas where guests frequent and the property that directly surrounds your hotel may be well-manicured, but what about the property that stretches far in the back or the grass that is adjacent to a creek or another natural feature that borders your land? If poison ivy and other pesky weeds are growing rampantly across some of your property, you are giving mixed messages to your guests concerning the level of care that is administered to your land.

Assess The Weed Problem

If your maintenance crew has been following the same schedule for a while, the workers may not be wary of the condition of the property. The ever-mounting weeds and overgrowth could overtake an entire section of your property. It is easy to become distracted, especially if your main priority to see to it that guests are checked in as efficiently as possible or if you are often overseeing projects that are being conducted in the building where your hotel guests stay.

Before you address a weed issue, walk around the premises, including areas that haven't been developed and that contain an influx of shrubs, trees, and wildflowers. Instead of having all of this overgrowth to contend with, maybe you could have the property cleared and choose to install a new seating or recreation area, which will add more outdoor space for your guests to spend time in and will help keep you on top of the landscaping needs of the new addition.

HIre A Landscaping Crew And Maintain The Land

If weeds and overgrowth are an issue in one or more parts of your property, hiring a landscaping crew will aid in eliminating the weeds, preventing new ones from growing, or limiting the amount of new growth. Landscapers utilize herbicides that are designed to kill weeds, but that won't harm healthy blades of grass, flowering plants, shrubs, or any other natural features that you wish to remain intact.

If weeds are dense in some areas and an herbicide treatment may need to be administered on subsequent occasions, you can have some features added to the property that will minimize the number of weeds that you need to contend with at future dates and that will make it easier to maintain the property. Landscaping fabric, mulch, paving stones, and decorative stones can be used to line the property or to create borders around permanent fixtures. Each landscaping material will improve drainage and will block weeds from growing.

Reach out to a company that provides weed control for more information.