Reasons You May Need To Excavate At A Site

Having site work contractors help you prepare a location is an important part of many landscaping, construction, and renovation jobs. Not all projects are as simple as having an excavation crew dig a hole in the ground. Take a look at a few more complex reasons why you may have to perform excavation work on a property.

Re-Engineering the Site

There are plenty of reasons why the ground underneath a site may have to be re-engineered. For example, there might be too much sand in the supporting layers to hold a building of the weight you're planning. Some locations have to be aggressively excavated, and then new materials will be brought in to provide a better base for a structure.

Amending the Soil

At locations where the soil is so poor that almost nothing will grow, excavation is often a better way to start amending the soil than trying to just treat it. This may go as far as tearing out the entirety of the topsoil and replacing it with a better product. People usually choose to do this when the soil has pH issues that aren't easy to overcome.

Drainage and Irrigation

Water content in the soil can also create trouble. You may need to have excavation work performed so you can install drainage and irrigation systems that will allow you to get the water levels right. Especially in regions where seasonal swings cause dramatic shifts, this is a great way to keep the property safe and under control.

Putting in Landscaping or Hardscaping Features

Not all jobs involve tearing everything out. Sometimes, the goal is to put new things in. A property that's rather misshapen, though, may require some attention. If grading proves to not be an ideal option, excavation may be the way to go. You can subtract materials that are making the location less than aesthetically pleasing, and then you can renovate the landscape to look nice.

Installing Utilities

Lines have to go somewhere, and burying them underground is oftentimes the best or only choice. Many people also turn to site work contractors for help preparing a site for septic tanks and leach fields.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Installing a solid surface outdoors isn't about just laying down materials. Many people prefer to have a good base put in, and that means digging out a portion of the property to accommodate the base. The site can then be prepped for the construction of a driveway and sidewalk.