Drip Your Way To A Better Garden

Landscaping can make or break the appearance of your home's exterior. A lot of homeowners take pride in maintaining their landscapes, and this often includes maintaining a garden filled with colorful and attractive blooms.

Gardening is a task that requires patience and careful attention to detail. If you are looking for a way to improve the health and vibrancy of your gardens during the coming growing season, then you should consider installing a drip irrigation system now.

Improved Plant Health

All plants need water to survive. The system used to deliver this water can have a direct impact on plant health. Traditional sprinkler systems can distribute a lot of water in a small period of time. While this method is great for sod or trees, the delicate flowers found in a garden need to be fed water through a gentler system.

Drip irrigation allows water to slowly penetrate the soil in your garden beds. This slow penetration lets the soil become more saturated at a deep level, giving the roots of your flowers ample access to the water they need to nourish the blooms above the soil's surface.

Reduced Water Waste

Water is a precious commodity in every geographic region. Some regions see more precipitation than others, but everyone is concerned with conserving the water that is available to them. A drip irrigation system can be a valuable ally in helping you reduce your water consumption.

The slow, measured release of water droplets produced by a drip irrigation system can reduce your water usage anywhere from 30% to 70%. Less water will be wasted when you hydrate your garden, and more water will be conserved for use in other applications.

Greater Control Over Runoff

Water runoff is a real concern for homeowners who meticulously maintain their landscapes on a regular basis. Runoff occurs when too much water is delivered within a short period of time. The soil isn't able to absorb all of the water, which results in streams of water running downhill instead of saturating the soil around your plants.

Runoff is a major contributor to landscape erosion. You can eliminate any unsightly gouges and help ensure that any mulch products you use remain firmly in place when you water your garden with a drip irrigation system.

The slow method of delivery offered by a drip irrigation watering system completely eliminates the potential for runoff caused by a rapid influx of water.

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