Is Spring Growth Around The Corner? Get Landscape Upkeep To Prepare The Yard

If you live in an area where it snows throughout winter, you may not have seen much of your landscape during the winter months because of snow covering everything up. Even if the snow does not cover up your plants, you will likely notice that they do not grow or bloom during this season. When you know that spring is around the corner, you should get your landscape ready.

An ideal situation is to get landscape upkeep from professionals who can prepare your yard.

Clean Up Yard Debris

One of the first tasks that you will want to have landscapers focus on is cleaning up all the yard debris. In some cases, when the snow covers most of the yard, you may have some trash that made it onto your property and concealed itself underneath the snow during winter. You will also have twigs and leaves left over from the end of autumn that will need to be cleaned up.

Reapply Mulch

When you have mulch beds in certain areas of your yard, you will find that this is an ideal time to refill areas that are low. A landscaping company can deliver the exact mulch that you have and reapply it so that it looks attractive and is evenly spread throughout in each bed. This is an important step because you want to prevent weeds from growing in once spring arrives.

Wash Hardscaping

Another part of preparing the yard is making sure the hardscaping looks clean. If you have pathways all around the yard, you will want to have landscapers pressure wash the surface. You can even get pressure washing for retaining walls to make sure they look appealing. If you have a patio cover, fence, benches, or pergolas in the yard, these features can be cleaned as well.

Remove Dead Plants

Although some plants may go into dormancy when winter begins and come back alive around the time that spring comes, you may notice some plants not coming back. A landscaping company can assess your yard to determine which plants will spring back into normal growth.

For the plants that did not make it through winter, you should have them removed. This will allow you to start planning to grow new plants that have a better chance of surviving all year long.

Hiring landscapers as spring gets closer is an ideal way to prepare your yard to look beautiful. Visit a website like to learn more.