Live In A Climate With Stubborn Weeds? 3 Things To Consider For The Right Paving

Depending on where you're living and the kind of climate that your home is in, you may notice that weed growth is especially high around your landscaping. While you can spend time pulling weeds or spraying weed killer on everything, it's a good idea to look into what kinds of things you can do to ensure that the paving does not encourage more weed growth than what can be preventable. If you're just now getting paving for your front yard, look into the following tips to ensure that you're taking care of the paving and stopping weeds as much as possible.

Avoid Paving with Too Many Gaps

One of the ways that paving can lead to a lot of weed growth is large gaps in between the paving. Whether you have paving stones or long slabs of concrete with gaps in between, it's important that you try to keep the gaps as minimal as possible so that weeds will not pop up in between your paving. This can help cut down on how much weeds you'll need to remove and make it much easier to keep your yard looking as nice as possible.

Limit Your Choices to Concrete and Stone

When you begin comparing different kinds of paving for your yard, it's vital that you focus on paving that is resistant to weeds. Wood can be an especially big problem since both the weather and potential weeds can cause it to show a lot of wear and tear over the years. Sticking with other concrete or stone paving can make a big difference in how easy it is to stop weeds from cropping up.

Make Routine Pest Control a Priority

Even with special care put towards picking out the right paving for your yard, you still need to make sure that pest control is done regularly. In order for you to be sure that the paving is kept free of weeds, you need to look into what kinds of weed control methods will work on your paving and what you can do to stop weeds from showing up in the first place.

Taking your time when you're intending on getting paving installed in your front yard can make all the difference in the amount of landscaping required. This will help ensure that you're not using anymore potentially dangerous chemicals than are necessary and that your yard can look as nice as possible. Contact a company like Premier Lawn and Landscape Design for more information.