Landscaping To Sell: Tips For Homeowners

Improving your home's landscape design is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal. Landscaping is especially important when your home goes on the market. Proper landscaping can attract good buyers and may lead to bigger offers. The following tips will help you landscape your home in preparation for putting it up for sale.

Grow Healthy Grass, and Remove Grass that's Unhealthy

A healthy lawn makes your property look fertile and productive. To keep your lawn lush and green, remove weeds in a timely fashion, water your grass on a regular basis and cut your grass before it gets very tall. In areas of the lawn where grass doesn't grow well, like in the space beneath beneath trees and in the shadow of your home, pull up the grass and plant ground cover. Having the soil covered with healthy ground cover is preferable over growing grass that is unhealthy and chock full of weeds.

Plant Easy-to-Grow Flowering Annuals

Flowering annuals have only one season to make seeds for the next generation of flowers. As a result, annuals tend to be incredibly lush and productive. They fill flower beds fast and make a good impression on visitors. When choosing annuals, pick colorful flowers that will draw the attention of home buyers.

Another bonus: annuals tend to be low maintenance. They'll flower without fertilization or pruning. This will be an asset when your home goes on the market, because you'll be too busy preparing to move to worry about maintaining your flower beds.

Keep the Yard Clean

Yard waste can make your home look shabby and disorganized. Rake up all cut grass, dead leaves and twigs after working on your lawn. Put away all yard tools like rakes, shovels and wheel barrows. Finally, sweep up all the dirt on the sidewalks after working on your lawn, and hose down your home to remove any mud from the siding.

Eliminate Dying or Sickly Plants

Presence of sickly, diseased and dying plants can give the impression that you don't take care of your property. Dying plants can also make it look like your soil is lacking in proper nutrition. Get rid of any plants or trees that have dying leaves or bare branches. Leave only the plants that appear to be in good condition.

Focus on the Front Door

Your home's front door should look welcoming. To draw attention to the entrance of your home, put potted plants on either side of the door, and if possible, put plants on either side of the pathway leading up to the door. 

For more information about what you can do to landscape your lawn, talk to your realtor. He or she can help you landscape in a way that will appeal to buyers.