Landscaping For A Sensory Experience

Most homeowners landscape for simple beauty. There's nothing wrong with that. However, your yard can be an actual delight to the senses. You can choose to landscape for one or two senses, or you can integrate elements that appeal to all five. Transform your yard by appealing to more than sight – though you shouldn't forget that sense.

Beautiful Tableau

The most obvious sense that landscaping appeals to is sight. Create a beautiful tableau in your yard by blending hardscaping and plants. For example, start with a pergola or decorative garden gate. Train climbing plants up the post – morning glory, passionflower and trailing roses are ideal for this task. Choose several perennials to plant around your structure, and even add an ornamental rock or statue. Finish the tableau by filling in any spots with ground cover plants.

Blooms to Smell

The next obvious sense for landscaping is smell. Create a garden for scent by starting with a fragrant anchor plant. Rose is classic, but lilac, honeysuckle and mock orange are also beautiful as well as fragrant. You could also choose a scented evergreen such as juniper or bay laurel. From there, plant scented flowers, such as tuberose, angel's trumpet and freesia. You could also add other scented plants such as lemon verbena or bee balm.

Edible Plants for Taste

Naturally, an herb garden is ideal for edible planting. You could opt for a container garden or plant one near your patio or within easy access to the kitchen. Bay laurel makes a good anchor plant for an herb garden too, as does bushy cultivars of rosemary. Plant your favorite herbs around the anchor plant. You could augment your herb garden with pretty and edible flowers, such as begonia, calendula, coneflower and day lilies.

Attracting Sound

The plants themselves aren't really going to make a sound. However, you can install a water fountain as a centerpiece, and that provides soothing water music. Likewise, landscape to attract birds for their sweet song. According to All About Birds, they'll nest in deciduous trees such as mulberry, serviceberry and flowering dogwood. Provide them with food in the form of wild grape or sumac. Finish off with some ornamental grasses that they can use making nests.

Touchy Feely Plants

Some plants just beckon to be touched. For example, allium offers the look of lollipops, but when you touch them, they feel a little fuzzy. For real fuzz, plant chenille, which offers furry red blooms. For fun, consider a mimisa pudica plant. When you touch the leaves, they actually curl inwards.

Landscape with plants and ornaments that appeal to the senses.

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