Avoiding Common Mistakes With Water Management If You’re Responsible For A Large Landscaped Area

If you need to maintain a wide area of land outside for tenants or others, then you need to get efficient at managing water in order to make sure you don't overspend and waste this precious resource. Here are a few ways to make sure that your water management game is at a top level by avoiding common mistakes.

Planting Inappropriate Plants

If you live in a desert area and you plant vegetation that requires a large amount of water due to being tropical, then you're planting inappropriately. A better approach is to put in plants and grasses that fit with the region. They will already be naturally predisposed towards handling the native environment efficiently.

For example, in the north part of California, you might try Kurapia instead of other, more generic types of grasses. Other grasses that work well in drought conditions in that particular area include Kikuyugrass and buffalograss.

Failing to Use Timers

If you only expect people to view the grounds mostly at certain times of the day, then timers on fountains makes a lot of sense if you absolutely have to have a fountain based on the expectations of the people living on the grounds. During the winter, you should drain them completely and cover them with a tarp, if you're in a colder climate.

Keep Your Rainwater

If you need to regularly water the grounds as part of your duties, then it can help to prepare for when it rains. Obviously, you should also use timers during this point to make sure that you aren't having your sprinklers going while it's raining, which would be a waste. But you should also make sure that you put out barrels to go under your drain runoff for the roofs of buildings.

You can collect and save all that water for a non-rainy day.  This could be used to feed directly back into the tanks that you use for sprinkler water if you use on-premise water, for example. You could always hook them up temporarily for that purpose as well if you end up with enough extra water. 

It's also important to upgrade all sprinkler systems to the most advanced tech you can afford, especially any kind of smart technology. Some of these systems can actually alter sprinkler schedules based on weather patterns for you automatically so you don't have to keep an eye out yourself. 

Contact professional water management services if you find yourself in need of more help.