Choosing Hydroseeding Over Sod

If you have a beautiful new home but a bare lawn, you have several options available for creating a lush green yard. Before deciding on any method, you should consider hydroseeding. It offers several advantages that can give you a superior lawn at an affordable price.


Using hydroseeding can help ensure the health of your new lawn. Unlike sod, you can choose a blend of seed for your yard that works well with your particular soil or landscape. When you have sod laid, you are generally laying down one variety of grass, which also leaves it more vulnerable to disease. A combination of grass types can help your lawn thrive even in difficult conditions. 


If you opt for hand seeding, you can face the potential of soil erosion before the seedlings take hold. When you hydroseed, mulch can be included in the mix. That way, the mixture adheres to the ground, ensuring an even growth pattern and helping to keep your soil in place immediately. Too often, hand seeding efforts end up being uneven, and the seeds can easily be washed or blown away. The hydroseed mixture also protects the seeds from too much sun. 


Obviously, using sod gives you an "instant" yard, but hydroseeding is also a fast way to get a new lawn. You should see growth in a week and a full lawn in about a month. In fact, you may have to get the lawnmower ready to go sooner than you had planned. 


You can spread your own grass seed to try and save money, but hydroseeding will probably save you more money when all is said and done. Often, your hand seeding efforts are disturbed by the elements, meaning you have to reseed multiple times. Also, hydroseeding takes care of several processes at once, including fertilizing and mulching. At the end of your hand-spreading efforts, you may end up paying far more than hydroseeding would have cost. Having sod placed is also usually more expensive than other methods, particularly if your lawn is a large one. 

When you need a new lawn, you do have multiple methods available to you. You may be happiest if you choose hydroseeding over the other options available to you. You can hydroseed your yard yourself or hire a landscaper to do the job for you. Either way, you can save time and money while growing a superior looking lawn. Consult with local lawn experts, such as those at Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc, about which methods will work best for you.