3 Mistakes You Are Making That Are Killing Your Lawn

Getting a perfectly green lawn may feel like a mystery to some people. Although they care for their lawn, they can't seem to get the results that they want. They are probably making a couple mistakes. Here are some things to avoid so you can get the best-looking lawn possible.

1. Lightly Watering The Lawn

While watering your lawn, you may think it is better to just lightly water it each day; however, that could be the reason it is not healthy. Instead, it is far better to really soak the lawn every couple days than water lightly every day. This is because when you give the lawn lots of water it will go all the way down to the deepest roots. It is from these roots that the lawn will get the most nutrients. When you lightly water it, the surface of the grass will soak up the little bit of water that it gets and won't allow the roots to get the water. This is why you should put the sprinklers on a timer to drench the yard every couple days.

2. Not Aerating The Lawn

You may have seen advertisements during the beginning of the summer to aerate your lawn. Some homeowners don't understand the purpose of doing this, so they skip out on it to save money. Don't forgo aerating the lawn. It is one of the most important parts to getting good solid roots.

Roots don't only need water and sunlight; they need oxygen too. As the grass grows thicker and longer, the grass becomes more dense. This means that there is no room for oxygen to get in. This will cause the roots to eventually shrivel and die. This is why it is so important that you aerate the lawn every season.

3. Raking Up The Grass Trimmings

When you mow your lawn, you may be tempted to either bag the grass trimmings or to rake them up afterwards. Although it may be hard for those playing in the yard to have the grass trimmings, it is actually the best thing for the lawn. Grass trimmings serve as a fertilizer for the yard. They help to give nutrients to the roots of the grass so that it will grow to be healthier and stronger.

This doesn't mean that can't ever bag the grass trimmings. Just give the grass at least a couple mows where the grass trimmings can fall freely.

By avoiding these things, you can have a healthy and beautiful yard. For more tips, contact a landscape maintenance company.