Tree Debris: Three Ways To Get Rid Of The Waste After A Tree Removal

If you have a hazardous tree on your property, removal may be necessary to keep your home safe. Removal of trees can also leave behind a lot of debris. Some services will offer to haul the material away for a specific price but you may want to save the money. If your budget does not allow you to pay for the removal of the waste, you may need to deal with it on your home. Here are some ways that you can get rid of the material:

1. Chipping Waste Into Mulch For Multiple Uses

When you have a tree removed, a lot of small debris will be left behind. Wood chippers can be used to break this waste down and use it for multiple purposes. You can break down wood into large chips and use it as landscape covering. By running material through a chipper twice, you can also create compost materials for gardening.

2. Using Large Waste For Firewood Material

Large waste can be great to use for firewood. You can use all the large branches that are too large to run through a chipper. Cut them up into manageable firewood size and store them in a dry place. By next year, you will have your own supply of seasoned firewood to use during the cold winter months.

3. Using Straight Trunk Piece For DIY Lumber Materials

If you have large trunk pieces, you may not want to cut this material into firewood. Instead, use the straight pieces to cut into your own lumber for DIY projects. To do this, hew the logs into beams and store them in a dry place. This will give you wood materials to use for any woodworking projects you have around your home.

4. Grinding The Stump To Create A New Planting Area For Landscaping

The stump that is left behind from an old tree can be a problem. You can have the stump ground and use the area for new plants. If you are going to plant where the tree was, remove some of the chipped material and put it in the compost pile. Replace the material with planting soil before you plant.  Eventually, the soil will settle here. To prevent settling, make a mound where you plant, which will eventually settle to the same level as the surrounding area.

These are some ways that you can get rid of the materials after you have a tree removal done. If you need help removing a tree or getting rid of a stump, contact a tree service like Advanced Arbor Care to get the help you need with putting your property back together.