3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Garden Hydrated

When you plant a garden, you might think that keeping it hydrated is an easy thing to do. However, over time you may discover that it is harder to keep your garden irrigated than you first believed. Here are some tips to help you keep your garden hydrated and healthy.

Water Your Garden in the Morning

You might not think that it matters when you water your plants and flowers, but watering at the wrong time of day can cause problems. If you water your garden in the middle of the day, the sun may cause the water to evaporate before it penetrates the soil and reaches the roots. If you water your garden at night, any over-watering may lead to mold or plant diseases.

Therefore, the best time of day to water your garden is in the morning. The water will have enough time to nourish the roots, and any extra water will evaporate later in the day.

Know How Much Water Your Plants Need

One of the reasons that gardeners have a tough time with their plants is that they are not sure how much water their plants need. Tropical plants tend to need more water than non-tropical plants, for instance. Younger plants need more water than plants with larger root systems. You don't want to assume that all your plants need the same amount of water, and if you have an irrigation system in place, you need to configure it so that you water plants with greater hydration needs more often than the others.

How do you know how much water you need for a particular flower or plant? You need to do some research about the specific types of plants you have. You can do some researching online, but your best bet is to talk to someone at your local plant nursery about specific watering needs.

Get a Timer 

After going away on vacation, there is nothing worse than coming home to a garden full of dead flowers and plants. You can avoid this by setting up a simple irrigation system and buying a hose-end timer. The timer itself runs on a battery, so you can be confident that your garden is being watered while you're away.

Even when you're at home, the timer can be of help to you. If you plan to sleep in late but want your flowers to be watered in the morning, for instance, you can set the timer so that your irrigation system waters your flowers while you're sleeping. 

Use the suggestions in this article to help you keep your garden well-hydrated. Get in touch with a landscaping expert (like those at T & J Landscape Services) who can give you more pointers about specific irrigation systems that may work for your garden.