3 Benefits Of Wildflowers In Your Landscape Design

The beginning phases of landscape design can be a little confusing, if you've never done it before. However, there are some easy ways to add color and interest to your landscape without spending a lot of money. One way to do that is by adding wildflowers in the front lawn or your backyard. This guide explains three benefits of adding wildflowers to your landscape.

Benefit #1: Wildflowers Need Less Water

When you first plant your wildflowers, you will need to water the seeds daily within the first week, unless you have a lot of rain. Once the seeds take root and begin to grow, wildflowers typically don't need that much water and can survive on rainwater alone.

However, if your area is experiencing a few weeks of drought conditions, it is a good idea to water the flowers so they don't become dehydrated and die.

Benefit #2: Wildflowers Attract Pollinators

Bees and butterflies love wildflowers because of their bright colors. Additionally, these flowers offer easy access so that these pollinators can get to them easily. So, it you have a garden that you want to thrive, wildflowers are the way to go.

As bees and butterflies attract the pollen from these flowers, they will distribute them into other areas of your garden creating an environmental dream for other plants.

Benefit #3: Wildflowers Are Easy to Plant

There is no need to dig holes in the ground to plant a lot of flower bulbs so you can start a small meadow of wildflowers in your landscape.

All you need to do is pick up some seeds from your nursery, remove the grass in the area in which you want the flowers to grow with a shovel, and then spread the seeds around evenly.

Saturate the area well with the garden hose when you first put down the seeds. However, make sure you do so gently so that you don't wash the seeds away into areas where you don't want the flowers.

Once your wildflowers begin to take root they will grow several inches above the ground and bloom in various colors and shapes. Some wildflowers will sprout up the following spring, as well. But if you notice some bare spots as they do, put down more seeds to make your landscape meadow fuller. Ask your landscaper for more ideas on creating a beautiful and functional landscape to help other areas of your lawn and garden thrive.

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