How To Maintain A Safe Lawn For Your Kids And Pets

Most parents send their kids and pets out into the backyard to play without ever considering the dangerous insects that could be hiding in the grass. Many parents and pet owners also worry about using pesticides because of the deadly chemicals they usually contain. Check out these tips for naturally getting rid of the insects that could be a danger to your kids and pets.

Taking The Fire Out Of Fire Ants

The tiny bite of one fire ant can cause serious problems in anyone that may be allergic to them. Making sure your lawn is free of fire ants is extremely important. Avoid using strong, dangerous pesticides and use boric acid. Boric acid is safe for your children and pets while being deadly to fire ants. You can mix boric acid with water or you can use as a powder for the same effective results.

The Good And The Bad About Wasps And Hornets

If you or your kids are allergic to bee stings, you may have a serious fear of wasp and hornet nests in your yard. Hornets and wasps are not usually aggressive bees and will usually leave people alone when they are near their nest. However, if a nest is knocked down, the outcome could be bad for anyone nearby, including your pets. If you worry about a nest in your yard, contacting a professional about its removal is best. Never try to remove a bee nest on your own, especially if you or someone in your family is allergic to bees. If you have bees like yellow jackets building an underground nest, avoid pouring gasoline in it and lighting it afire. Using mint oil soap instead is safer, and it works great for destroying the nest and bees in it at one time.

Do Not Forget About Dangerous Lawn Care Products

Most everyone enjoys luscious, thick green grass in their backyard, especially your kids and pets. You should know that some fertilizers you may use to grow grass could be harmful, especially to animals with soft pads on their paws. Dogs and cats lick their paws, meaning anything you put on your lawn could potentially end up being ingested by your pet. You can grow gorgeous green grass without using dangerous fertilizers. Consider using fish emulsion and compost in your yard to keep the grass healthy and green while also keeping your pets and kids safe.

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