Need Easy Access To Your Garden Tools? Use This Rake Trick

If gardening is an activity that you love, you might spend hours pruning, picking, planting, watering and everything else that cultivating a spectacular garden entails. You might also find yourself going back and forth to the garage or shed to grab the tools you need to tackle the task. But if you use this guide to turn an old rake into a garden tool hanger, you can have everything readily available, so you can spend more time taking care of your plants.

Step 1: Gather the Items You'll Need

The chances are good that you have an old rake. If you don't, purchase a cheap one at your local home improvement store. A rake with metal teeth works better than one made with flimsy plastic teeth. After you've chosen your rake, gather these materials to complete this project:

  • a circular saw
  • pencil
  • tape measure
  • long wood nails
  • hammer

Step 2: Measure and Mark the Handle

Use the tape measure and the pencil to mark a line on the handle, about two or three inches from the position where the metal or plastic portion of the rake meets it.

Step 3: Cut Off the Handle

Cut the line with the circular saw to remove the longer portion of the handle.

Step 4: Nail the Rake to Your Desired Area

Choose an area near your garden. The spot should be wood, such as the following:

  • fence
  • shed
  • your home's exterior
  • trellis

Place the rake on the wood, with the teeth facing you. Pick a spot that you can reach easily, but will be out of the reach of small children who may play around the garden area. Hammer a couple nails through the wooden handle of the rake, just above the rake head, into the fence or other structure you've chosen.

Step 5: Select and Hang Your Tools

Grab the gardening tools you use most often. Choose the ones that have holes on the handles to hang them. Hang these tools on the teeth of the rake.

Consideration: This rake tool hanger works best for hand tools. You may want to keep long shovels and other larger gardening tools in your garage or shed, because they may be too heavy to hang from the teeth of the rake.

If you're worried about rain rusting your tools, or the hot sun making them too hot to handle, cover them up with a small tarp or a piece of heavy-duty plastic. Ask your lawn services expert like one from Outdoor Service Inc for other ideas to make your gardening lifestyle easier.