Landscaping Makeover: 4 Ways You Can Blend Water Features Into Your Outdoor Designs

If you have outdoor living space for your home with a garden area, you may want to incorporate water features. This can be something as simple as a fountain, or you may want to have a more natural look with a pond, stream and aquatic garden area. Blending the natural features in with the outdoor space can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish. Here are some ways you may want to consider to blend water features into your outdoor living space:

1. Using Streams And Waterfalls As Focal Points

If you have a sitting area around a patio or pool area, this can be a great area to add features like waterfalls and streams. They can be a focal point for these areas, which you can do by making them part of these areas. This can be done by doing things like using rocks for the waterfalls and making the water feature part of the structures in these areas.

2. Adding An Aquatic Garden Area To Landscaping Paths

If you like gardening, an aquatic garden with fish and plants can be a great addition to your landscaping. This may be something that you want to add to garden paths, which will look great. This can be great next to a sitting area and herb garden. You can use herbs to add color to the higher, dry areas, and then use aquatic plants to help blend the different areas together.

3. Floating Sitting Area Over Water Features

If you want to have a sitting area incorporated into your water features, a floating sitting area can be great. This can be good if you want to build a larger pond for an aquatic garden area. You can do this with a stone patio, or you can build larger landscaping structures like gazebos, which will also be add to the aesthetics of your landscaping design.

4. Using Bridges And Structures Over Water Features In Landscaping

Bridges and structures that overlook water features can also be a great way to make a water feature look more natural. Instead of building the water feature around the structure, build the structure around the water feature. This can be done with things like bridges and overlooks if you have different elevations in your landscaping. It will make the water feature appear as if it has been there and the structures were added to it.

These are some things that you can do to blend your outdoor living space with natural looking water features. If you need the materials to get started on your project, contact a landscaping supplier like Bopst Trucking to get everything you need for your landscaping makeover.