Four Things You May Want To Consider For Replanting Trees After Storm Damage Removal

In many areas of the country, extreme weather can cause extensive damage to property. Sometimes, storms can cause trees to fall and need removal. If you have had valuable old trees around your home, you may want to replant new trees in their place. This is something that can take time and careful planning. There is also the option of planting well-established trees, growing from seeds or using saplings to replant your trees. Here are four options you may want to consider for replanting after a storm.

1. Starting Your New Trees From Seed

Many trees can be grown from their seeds. This is a time consuming process, which may take several seasons for the trees to mature before they can be transplanted. If you like gardening and plants, it can also give you a rewarding experience. You will also be able to choose from many different tree species to use for your replanting.

2. Using Saplings To Replant Your Trees

Saplings will be a faster way to replace your trees. These trees will be small and need care until they are well established. The benefit of using saplings is that you will be able to see results in a short amount of time and the tree will quickly adapt to its environment. You can also quickly plant the saplings, which will allow you to quickly replant the area where trees have been removed.

3. Getting Well Established Trees To Plant

Many landscaping services and plant nurseries also have established trees that they can provide you with. This is great if you need to have established trees for part of a landscaping design and do not want to have to wait for the tree to become established.  It will also cost more and will not be ideal if you are planning to plant many trees. If you are planting saplings, the established trees can also help to provide shelter for the smaller trees.

4. Transplanting Existing Trees Of All Sizes

If you already have trees on your property that can be moved, transplanting them to the spot of the removed trees is another option. This is a good idea for smaller trees that can easily be moved.  If you have an area of your property that is densely forested, transplanting trees to a new area can give them more space to grow healthier and give other trees nutrients.

These are some of the things that you may want to consider after you have had to remove storm damaged trees, and want to replant them. If you need help getting your property cleaned up for replanting, contact a professional tree service like Pioneer Tree & Landscape, Inc. and they can help you remove trees and give you professional advice on replanting.