When Should You Remove A Tree From Your Property?

Though trees are a great addition to a property, there are times when a mature tree must be removed. The primary concern is usually safety, followed by aesthetics and impact on property value. An adult tree can cause serious damage if it falls onto your house. Keep in mind these tips when evaluating if you should have your tree removed.

Look For the Obvious and Visible Signs of Tree Damage

Look to see if there are large patches of rot or fungus on the trunk and major branches. These large spots are usually the result of a long term problem. In most cases, by the time you notice the rot, the tree's structural integrity has already been compromised. While the tree might not be dead, it should be scheduled to be removed. Another sign is if the uppermost branches are dying. When this happens it is a sign the tree has reached the end of its life cycle. Schedule the removal as soon as possible, as the onset of decay could cause large branches to fall without warning.

If you have had a major storm recently, be sure to inspect your tree as soon as you can. A lightning strike can have drastic consequences to a tree depending on where the tree is hit and severe winds can weaken a tree at its roots.

Less Obvious Damage

There are times when you need a professional to assess whether your tree will need to be removed. A tree may die and start to decay from the inside. It will take a trained tree specialist to detect this decay. Other times your tree may become host an invasive or harmful species. This could be an insect, fungus or animal. To prevent the spread of this, immediate removal is mandated.

There are times when trees are planted in a row to provide either a sun or wind break. If the trees are planted too closely to each other, some may need to be removed so others can thrive. Another situation is the tree was damaged as it grew and is now leaning at any angle. It is best if you consult with a trained tree specialist to determine if the tree will need removed.

Damage to Your Home

The last thing to keep in mind is if there is any damage to your home from the tree. Tree roots are invasive and are one of the major causes of basement and septic pipe damage for homes. If you are experiencing any of those, it may be time to have the tree removed.

Trees are great for many reasons, but sometimes they have to be removed. When you do so, please consult a trained company (such as Woodland Landscaping & Concrete LLC). Taking a fifty foot tree down takes the proper equipment and training to keep you, your home and your family safe.