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Municipal Engineering Tips To Prepare For Flooding

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If you are the mayor of a town or a city, there is a good chance that the last thing that you want to happen is for your city to experience flooding. This can disrupt traffic and make everything take longer. It can result in permanent, expensive property damage. It can also make cause the citizens of your city to feel concerned and unsafe. Here are some municipal engineering tips that you can follow to in order to reduce the chances that a flood will occur. 1. Check Sewer Capacity The first thing that you should do is hire a municipal engineer to check the capacity of your sewers. This is important because if too much rain should fall, your sewers will get backed up and cause flooding. Your sewer system is going to be the first line of defense against flooding because it will carry the water away to a less dangerous location. You can check the capacity of your sewers by stress testing a select number of areas in the system and increasing the amount of water that they are carrying. If they are overflowing in your tests, then they are going to overflow should a heavy rain hit. You will need to expand your sewer system in order to allow it the additional capacity to cope with more water. 2. Increase Efficiency of Water Removal The next thing that you will want to look at is the overall efficiency of water removal from the streets and sidewalks to areas where it is not going to impede normal or pedestrian traffic. This will allow you to prevent areas that commonly have standing water from doing damage to the foundations of buildings. It will also allow you to prevent cosmetic damage after a heavy rainfall. You will want to look into systems that you can build that automatically carry water down hills and then increase the carrying capacity for sewers at the bottom of said hills. You might also want to build additional entries into the sewer system in order to make sure that it adheres to floodplain mapping and will allow the water to be taken from the streets as quickly as possible. For more information, talk to a municipal engineer. He or she will be able to pinpoint the locations of your city that are going to be most vulnerable to flooding, which will allow you to spend your tax dollars...

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Need Fencing For Your Commercial Property? Understand The Benefits Of Each Type

Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Need Fencing For Your Commercial Property? Understand The Benefits Of Each Type

A fence is an excellent way to create a visual marker for where your property ends. It also gives you natural protection because it prevents your property from being easily accessed. A short fence may be easy to scale, but it is still the fact that it requires scaling that leads to better overall security. If you are in the process of working out the details for installing a fence on your commercial property, you should know what each type is able to provide because this will help you make the right choice on a fence. Chain-Link to Maximize Security One of the best ways to improve the security for your business is to go with chain-link. It is feasible to get a chain-link fence that ranges anywhere from six feet to twelve feet in height without issues. You will need to set aside a decent amount of money to get some of the taller installations, but when maximizing security for your property is a top priority, you can greatly benefit from this feature. This fence type also makes it easy to get barbed wire at the top to deter scaling because it adds an additional injury risk. Metal for Looks                                                                     If you do not have much of a concern for security, you can just focus on making the fence look good. Metal fencing is an outstanding choice to accomplish this goal because it looks expensive. As long as you maintain it over time, you can enjoy a long-lasting and beautiful fence for many years. If you want to include some decent security with this kind of installation, you can always pick a picket cap that is pointy at the top as this will make people think twice before trying to scale over it. Wood for Concealing A metal fence costs around $3,300 on average for homeowners, but a wood fence sits at around $2,500. These costs will vary when it comes to commercial work, especially because these properties are typically larger, but it is up to you to determine whether metal is worth the sophisticated look it provides. A wood fence will excel at restricting vision of your commercial property to the public. If you have things that you want to protect on the outside or you want to conceal vision of future truck loads, you cannot go wrong with the solidity that a wood fence can provide to your commercial property. Every fence has its pros and cons; you just need to figure out what will work for your commercial needs. For more information, contact a company like Quality Lawn &...

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Live In A Climate With Stubborn Weeds? 3 Things To Consider For The Right Paving

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Depending on where you’re living and the kind of climate that your home is in, you may notice that weed growth is especially high around your landscaping. While you can spend time pulling weeds or spraying weed killer on everything, it’s a good idea to look into what kinds of things you can do to ensure that the paving does not encourage more weed growth than what can be preventable. If you’re just now getting paving for your front yard, look into the following tips to ensure that you’re taking care of the paving and stopping weeds as much as possible. Avoid Paving with Too Many Gaps One of the ways that paving can lead to a lot of weed growth is large gaps in between the paving. Whether you have paving stones or long slabs of concrete with gaps in between, it’s important that you try to keep the gaps as minimal as possible so that weeds will not pop up in between your paving. This can help cut down on how much weeds you’ll need to remove and make it much easier to keep your yard looking as nice as possible. Limit Your Choices to Concrete and Stone When you begin comparing different kinds of paving for your yard, it’s vital that you focus on paving that is resistant to weeds. Wood can be an especially big problem since both the weather and potential weeds can cause it to show a lot of wear and tear over the years. Sticking with other concrete or stone paving can make a big difference in how easy it is to stop weeds from cropping up. Make Routine Pest Control a Priority Even with special care put towards picking out the right paving for your yard, you still need to make sure that pest control is done regularly. In order for you to be sure that the paving is kept free of weeds, you need to look into what kinds of weed control methods will work on your paving and what you can do to stop weeds from showing up in the first place. Taking your time when you’re intending on getting paving installed in your front yard can make all the difference in the amount of landscaping required. This will help ensure that you’re not using anymore potentially dangerous chemicals than are necessary and that your yard can look as nice as possible. Contact a company like Premier Lawn and Landscape Design for more...

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Want To Create A Cat-Friendly Outdoor Enclosure? Consider These Landscaping Tips

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Letting your cat outside to explore and play can be dangerous, especially if you live in a crowded area where your cat is at a higher risk of being hit by a car, attacked by another animal, or being stolen. If you still are interested in allowing your cat to spend some time outdoors, it’s a good idea for you to look into the benefits of getting a cat enclosure built. If you’ve decided that a cat enclosure is a good fit for your backyard and are looking for ways to make it fit in nicely into your yard and be efficient, consider some of the following landscaping tips. Incorporate Cat-Safe Plants The most important thing to consider when you want your yard to look nice and still be safe for your cat is picking out the right plants. Many people make the mistake of choosing plants based only on their appearance, resulting in your cat being exposed to potentially poisonous plants that could be harmful to their cat. With this in mind, look for plants that are cat-safe and look nice. A few good options to consider include parsley, basil, and even catnip. Make Sure the Enclosure is Completely Secure When designing an outdoor enclosure for your cat, your first priority should be making sure it is secure. No matter how much time you spend on making it look nice, it will be a waste if your cat can escape. To keep the enclosure secure, consider using panels that have no spaces between them or making sure that the enclosure has a ceiling that your cat can’t escape through. Provide Plenty of Shade If you want your cat to be comfortable using the outdoor enclosure, even when it’s hot outside, you need to make sure that plenty of shade is included. While a chain-link type of enclosure can work nicely and be affordable, it can often lead to problems due to no shade being provided. By getting a ceiling to be applied to the top of the enclosure, you can make a big difference in how comfortable your cat is, and it will make all the difference when the temperatures begin to rise during the summer. Building an enclosure for your cat to use outdoors can be a fun way to allow them to get some fresh air without making an unsightly addition to the yard or putting them at risk. Keeping the above landscaping tips in mind can ensure that the finished project looks great and that your cat will have a secure place to spend time outdoors. Contact a company like Glynn Young’s Landscaping & Nursery Center for more landscaping...

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Help Hydroseeding Spray Work Properly With These Tips

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When you hydroseed your lawn, a spray containing water, seeds and nutrients is sprayed onto the lawn. It’s easy to think that this spray will work to create lush, green grass, but in fact there are some things you have to do in order to help the spray to be effective. Use these ideas to make certain that the hydroseeding process is effective. Water the Lawn at the Right Time Because your lawn has been sprayed with nutrients, seeds and water, it’s easy to think that all you need to do is wait for your green grass to grow. However, it’s vital that you take a more proactive role in making sure the hydroseeding process works. How can you do that? One thing to focus on after the spray has occurred is to ensure that you’re continuing to water the lawn; in fact, it’s vital to water the lawn at the correct time. If you’re like many people, you work throughout the week and may choose to water the grass before you leave and after dinner when you’re home for the night. This can prove problematic for a number of reasons. For one thing, watering in the evening can lead to wet grass at night. That can lead to mold growth that sabotages the seeds you’re trying to grow. In addition, watering the grass in the early morning can mean that the water evaporates as the sun rises in the sky; at high noon, the sun will bear down on the yard and that can cause wilting. It is important to hydrate the yard on a more frequent basis or at least until you see positive results from the hydroseeding spray. If you can only water the grass a couple of times a day, do so in the middle of the afternoon and in the middle of the morning. You might have to talk to your landscaper about having an automatic sprinkler put in, or you may enlist the assistance of those you know. Be Patient Being patient might not immediately seem like an action to take to ensure that hydroseeding goes according to plan. However, when you see that some areas don’t seem to be growing grass, even after the area has been sprayed, you might feel compelled to add more seeds to the area. This is generally not a good idea because all areas of the lawn won’t grow at the same speed; the seeds might just not be growing as quickly as in other parts of your lawn. Give them a chance to grow before putting more seeds in. For more information, contact Hydrograss Technologies or a similar...

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Worried About Landscaping In The Heat? 3 Tips To Help You Manage Your Yard

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Making sure that your yard looks beautiful at any point throughout the year is likely important to you—but it can be difficult to do if you live in a climate that gets quite hot during the summer. Instead of forgoing landscaping altogether or only relying on professional help for every step of landscaping, including mowing and trimming plants, look into what you can do to make the task more manageable. With the right steps ahead of time, you can make sure that your yard stays looking beautiful during the summer and that you won’t be too uncomfortable during the summer. Wear Less Clothing—But Don’t Forget the Sunscreen The less clothes you wear, the easier it will be to stay cool when spending long hours outside landscaping. If you’re worried that you will get a sunburn from being outside for an extended period, while managing your lawn, it’s important that you lather on the sunscreen. Many people make the mistake of wearing less clothes, but still missing sunscreen on the more vulnerable parts of their body—such as their feet, scalp, and neck. While sunscreen won’t necessary help with cooling you down, it will make a big difference for your skin as the years go by. Opt for Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ahead of Time Taking care of your lawn doesn’t need to mean that you’ll be spending hours outside each week. If you’re concerned with getting overheated during the summer due to landscaping that needs to be done, it’s important that you instead focus on low-maintenance plants. You can even get part of your grass lawn removed and opt for gravel or rocks that won’t require trimming or watering for even less maintenance. Get the Help of Professionals for Anything More Than Routine Work While you can likely manage some of the landscaping work on your own, such as watering plants and mowing the lawn, you may not be prepared for some of the harder work that may be needed. For trimming trees and pulling weeds throughout your entire lawn, you might expect needing to spend more time landscaping. With this in mind, you might want to get the help of professionals—especially in the summer—since they can help reduce some of the work for you. As you explore the ways to make landscaping more manageable in the summer, you can quickly see how you’ll be able to care for your lawn without spending more time outdoors than needed. To learn more, contact a landscaping company like Vista Landscape and Maintenance,...

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Landscaping To Sell: Tips For Homeowners

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Improving your home’s landscape design is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal. Landscaping is especially important when your home goes on the market. Proper landscaping can attract good buyers and may lead to bigger offers. The following tips will help you landscape your home in preparation for putting it up for sale. Grow Healthy Grass, and Remove Grass that’s Unhealthy A healthy lawn makes your property look fertile and productive. To keep your lawn lush and green, remove weeds in a timely fashion, water your grass on a regular basis and cut your grass before it gets very tall. In areas of the lawn where grass doesn’t grow well, like in the space beneath beneath trees and in the shadow of your home, pull up the grass and plant ground cover. Having the soil covered with healthy ground cover is preferable over growing grass that is unhealthy and chock full of weeds. Plant Easy-to-Grow Flowering Annuals Flowering annuals have only one season to make seeds for the next generation of flowers. As a result, annuals tend to be incredibly lush and productive. They fill flower beds fast and make a good impression on visitors. When choosing annuals, pick colorful flowers that will draw the attention of home buyers. Another bonus: annuals tend to be low maintenance. They’ll flower without fertilization or pruning. This will be an asset when your home goes on the market, because you’ll be too busy preparing to move to worry about maintaining your flower beds. Keep the Yard Clean Yard waste can make your home look shabby and disorganized. Rake up all cut grass, dead leaves and twigs after working on your lawn. Put away all yard tools like rakes, shovels and wheel barrows. Finally, sweep up all the dirt on the sidewalks after working on your lawn, and hose down your home to remove any mud from the siding. Eliminate Dying or Sickly Plants Presence of sickly, diseased and dying plants can give the impression that you don’t take care of your property. Dying plants can also make it look like your soil is lacking in proper nutrition. Get rid of any plants or trees that have dying leaves or bare branches. Leave only the plants that appear to be in good condition. Focus on the Front Door Your home’s front door should look welcoming. To draw attention to the entrance of your home, put potted plants on either side of the door, and if possible, put plants on either side of the pathway leading up to the door.  For more information about what you can do to landscape your lawn, talk to your realtor. He or she can help you landscape in a way that will appeal to...

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Landscaping For A Sensory Experience

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Most homeowners landscape for simple beauty. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, your yard can be an actual delight to the senses. You can choose to landscape for one or two senses, or you can integrate elements that appeal to all five. Transform your yard by appealing to more than sight – though you shouldn’t forget that sense. Beautiful Tableau The most obvious sense that landscaping appeals to is sight. Create a beautiful tableau in your yard by blending hardscaping and plants. For example, start with a pergola or decorative garden gate. Train climbing plants up the post – morning glory, passionflower and trailing roses are ideal for this task. Choose several perennials to plant around your structure, and even add an ornamental rock or statue. Finish the tableau by filling in any spots with ground cover plants. Blooms to Smell The next obvious sense for landscaping is smell. Create a garden for scent by starting with a fragrant anchor plant. Rose is classic, but lilac, honeysuckle and mock orange are also beautiful as well as fragrant. You could also choose a scented evergreen such as juniper or bay laurel. From there, plant scented flowers, such as tuberose, angel’s trumpet and freesia. You could also add other scented plants such as lemon verbena or bee balm. Edible Plants for Taste Naturally, an herb garden is ideal for edible planting. You could opt for a container garden or plant one near your patio or within easy access to the kitchen. Bay laurel makes a good anchor plant for an herb garden too, as does bushy cultivars of rosemary. Plant your favorite herbs around the anchor plant. You could augment your herb garden with pretty and edible flowers, such as begonia, calendula, coneflower and day lilies. Attracting Sound The plants themselves aren’t really going to make a sound. However, you can install a water fountain as a centerpiece, and that provides soothing water music. Likewise, landscape to attract birds for their sweet song. According to All About Birds, they’ll nest in deciduous trees such as mulberry, serviceberry and flowering dogwood. Provide them with food in the form of wild grape or sumac. Finish off with some ornamental grasses that they can use making nests. Touchy Feely Plants Some plants just beckon to be touched. For example, allium offers the look of lollipops, but when you touch them, they feel a little fuzzy. For real fuzz, plant chenille, which offers furry red blooms. For fun, consider a mimisa pudica plant. When you touch the leaves, they actually curl inwards. Landscape with plants and ornaments that appeal to the senses. For a landscaper, contact a company such as L & L Excavation &...

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Avoiding Common Mistakes With Water Management If You’re Responsible For A Large Landscaped Area

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If you need to maintain a wide area of land outside for tenants or others, then you need to get efficient at managing water in order to make sure you don’t overspend and waste this precious resource. Here are a few ways to make sure that your water management game is at a top level by avoiding common mistakes. Planting Inappropriate Plants If you live in a desert area and you plant vegetation that requires a large amount of water due to being tropical, then you’re planting inappropriately. A better approach is to put in plants and grasses that fit with the region. They will already be naturally predisposed towards handling the native environment efficiently. For example, in the north part of California, you might try Kurapia instead of other, more generic types of grasses. Other grasses that work well in drought conditions in that particular area include Kikuyugrass and buffalograss. Failing to Use Timers If you only expect people to view the grounds mostly at certain times of the day, then timers on fountains makes a lot of sense if you absolutely have to have a fountain based on the expectations of the people living on the grounds. During the winter, you should drain them completely and cover them with a tarp, if you’re in a colder climate. Keep Your Rainwater If you need to regularly water the grounds as part of your duties, then it can help to prepare for when it rains. Obviously, you should also use timers during this point to make sure that you aren’t having your sprinklers going while it’s raining, which would be a waste. But you should also make sure that you put out barrels to go under your drain runoff for the roofs of buildings. You can collect and save all that water for a non-rainy day.  This could be used to feed directly back into the tanks that you use for sprinkler water if you use on-premise water, for example. You could always hook them up temporarily for that purpose as well if you end up with enough extra water.  It’s also important to upgrade all sprinkler systems to the most advanced tech you can afford, especially any kind of smart technology. Some of these systems can actually alter sprinkler schedules based on weather patterns for you automatically so you don’t have to keep an eye out yourself.  Contact professional water management services if you find yourself in need of more...

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Choosing Hydroseeding Over Sod

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If you have a beautiful new home but a bare lawn, you have several options available for creating a lush green yard. Before deciding on any method, you should consider hydroseeding. It offers several advantages that can give you a superior lawn at an affordable price. Health Using hydroseeding can help ensure the health of your new lawn. Unlike sod, you can choose a blend of seed for your yard that works well with your particular soil or landscape. When you have sod laid, you are generally laying down one variety of grass, which also leaves it more vulnerable to disease. A combination of grass types can help your lawn thrive even in difficult conditions.  Erosion If you opt for hand seeding, you can face the potential of soil erosion before the seedlings take hold. When you hydroseed, mulch can be included in the mix. That way, the mixture adheres to the ground, ensuring an even growth pattern and helping to keep your soil in place immediately. Too often, hand seeding efforts end up being uneven, and the seeds can easily be washed or blown away. The hydroseed mixture also protects the seeds from too much sun.  Speed Obviously, using sod gives you an “instant” yard, but hydroseeding is also a fast way to get a new lawn. You should see growth in a week and a full lawn in about a month. In fact, you may have to get the lawnmower ready to go sooner than you had planned.  Cost You can spread your own grass seed to try and save money, but hydroseeding will probably save you more money when all is said and done. Often, your hand seeding efforts are disturbed by the elements, meaning you have to reseed multiple times. Also, hydroseeding takes care of several processes at once, including fertilizing and mulching. At the end of your hand-spreading efforts, you may end up paying far more than hydroseeding would have cost. Having sod placed is also usually more expensive than other methods, particularly if your lawn is a large one.  When you need a new lawn, you do have multiple methods available to you. You may be happiest if you choose hydroseeding over the other options available to you. You can hydroseed your yard yourself or hire a landscaper to do the job for you. Either way, you can save time and money while growing a superior looking lawn. Consult with local lawn experts, such as those at Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc, about which methods will work best for...

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